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Why "Made in China" should cause panic with United States consumers

In 2006,  over $232 billion (yes, BILLION!) US dollars, went to China!
(287.8 Billion OUT - 55.2 Billion IN = 232.6 Billion OUT)
Now, the really bad part... this is growing rapidly worse, every year!
International trade can be good, but this is nowhere near a healthy balance.

This has an overall effect to hurt (lower) the value of the US dollar.
See what Warren Buffett says about the US dollar and capital.
That means, VERY Quickly, the US is becoming a poorer country, compared to the rest of the world. If you live in the US, this WILL AFFECT YOU!
We cannot loose over a Billion dollars a day from the United States out to other countries, without becoming poorer. This includes countries such as China (goods), Japan (cars), Mexico (immigrant labor, goods, textiles), India (outsourcing labor/tech support), and the Middle East (oil). The value of the US dollar is simply loosing value very fast, compared to other currencies such as the Euro!

Right now, look at the tags on your clothes, watch, belt, and shoes. Look at your dinner plates, forks, spoons, remote control, TV, computer, DVD player. You will probably see China, Malaysia, Japan, and Mexico. Now, the next time you go to Walmart, look at those packages/tags and you will see China on almost everything. Surprised? Scared? You really should be...
The only thing that keeps the US ahead and growing is technology... but China is now very good at taking US Intellectual Property (IP).

Still not convinced? Take a look at how "U.S. filing trade case on China over auto parts".

PBS has a very good documentary on Walmart's China Trade (YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS).

You might have seen's walmart commercial on your local tv channel.

When you purchase goods (cars, electronics, clothes, etc.) that are made in other countries, YOU put US citizens out of work, while making other countries RICHER! It's that simple.
Have you noticed all the news stories about manufacturing layoffs?
See how steel prices have risen like crazy the past few years, due to increased production in China.
The US is heavily in debt, many more times than most countries, who continue to take US dollars and US support.


Look at the situation with General Motors/Delphi. See what's happening to the US auto industry.
If you purchased a new import vehicle (even if it is ASSEMBLED in the US), you should be woried and ashamed.
Why? Your car is probably your second largest purchase besides your home. You see, even if American labor is used for assembly of  import vehicles, the overall profit (true end result) benefits a foreign company and country. Isn't it upsetting to have foreign companys own large portions of US land, manufacturing facilities, and real estate? Well, they DO thanks to YOU.
So, if you own an import car and have difficulty finding a good paying job, YOU really have NO RIGHT to complain...

Thanks to YOU, a sizable portion of your paycheck is making the US go broke, while providing foreign companies our technology, land, and jobs.
So, think about that, the next time you make your car payment...

JibJab's "Big Box Mart" is great summary of the entire situation.

So, what can we do to help correct this problem?
Until the US government can get this under control...
1. Educate yourself! Take a look at all those products and see where thay are made. As a consumer, do simple research and use common sense. Then, explain the situation to others.
2. If you have the option to buy US made products, please do so!

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